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Your St Cuthbert’s

Basically, we are here to encourage and support one another. Living as a Christian today is full of challenges, and it's good to have a Christian community where you belong, and where you can be equipped for your daily life of Christian witness and service. Hover over the ‘You and Church’ link above to see what you can do at St Cuthbert’s

If you are new to St Cuthbert’s then please read below for information about your first time at a service

Notices : As with any organisation we have to tell people what's happening.  That sometimes includes things like money, commitment etc.  Some of these notices are not aimed at you, but at the regular congregation.

Toilets : These are located through the door behind the curtain, on the right of the blue carpet and then straight across the hall into the alcove at the end.  Disabled and baby changing is also available.

My  baby’s crying:  We really don’t mind.  Children are a gift from God and are loved by us all.  If you feel uncomfortable though, there is a [unmanned] crèche in a room off of the hall.  Just go through the curtained door on the right as you face the front and ask someone in the hall for further directions.

Collection : We do not take a collection at St Cuthbert’s but do rely on our members to support our work.  If you would like to make a donation then please drop it in the bag at the back of church.  Please ask a welcomer if you are unsure or if you are able to gift aid  your donation.

Children and Youth Groups : We have a room with toys you can take young ones or there is space at the rear of the church, Special Branch (Sunday School) 3yrs to 11yrs and Soul 11yrs+.  Even if you are a visitor we would love your children to join us in one of our groups.  Just follow the kids out and speak to one of the leaders.

Communion : A key aspect of this church is our belief in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  We recognise this most weeks by remembering what Jesus said as he shared a meal of bread and wine with his followers before he died.  We too receive bread and wine by kneeling at the altar when invited to by the usher.  If you receive the bread and wine at your church then please do so here.  If you don’t then please come to the altar but keep your hands down by your side to receive a blessing.

Who can I speak to for information on.....

Our vicar, Rev. Nick Sharp or  the Churchwardens, Tish Bloomfield and Fiona Brewster, can help you with any enquiry.  Alternatively please speak to the person on the door.