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Our Faith

Very simply, our faith is about being connected, getting in touch.

With ourselves and dealing with what it means to be human.

With the people closest to us and developing healthy intimate relationships.

With our faith community - those we worship with week by week, but also our Christian heritage, and the rich diversity of the Christian Church around the world.

With those who are different to us - those of other faiths and none.

With creation - learning to appreciate the world that God has given us, and to love and respect all of God's gifts.

With God - Last, but most important - if we are going to connect with ourselves, our families, our faith communities, those who are different to us and with the earth - then it is our relationship with God through Jesus that will make that possible.

And in the end, the getting in touch has to be about love. That's the point of being connected - it's not just about me, but about me loving myself, my family, my church, people who are different, the world, and God.

Jesus said it like this - 'Love God and love your neighbour as yourself'