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Living with Loss

When a loved one has died, support from your parish church is there for you if you wish it. We believe that a Christian funeral can bring you support, comfort and hope. Whether you go to church or not, we are here for you. Our clergy are available to take a funeral service - in church, or at the crematorium or cemetery chapel.

Arranging a funeral at St Cuthbert's Church.

We regard the taking of funerals for families in our parish, whether they are church goers or not, is an important part of our work.

Some families choose to have a service in church, followed by burial or cremation, others prefer to have the whole service at the crematorium, or cemetery chapel.

Whatever a family decides, we are here to assist you in whatever way we can
- in helping to prepare the funeral service,
- through spending time with you,

- offering ongoing support where that is needed.

One of the ordained or lay ministers at St Cuthbert's would arrange to visit a family a few days before the funeral, when they would discuss the details of the service with you.

There may be particular readings or pieces of music that a family would like included in the service. There may be a family member or friend who would like to make a tribute as part of the service. Often the minister is asked to speak on behalf of family and friends.

We hope that the words and actions in the funeral service will honour the one who has died, bring comfort to those who are grieving and speak of a loving God to whom every human life is precious and unique.

Where families are wanting to have a collection at the service,
- they can choose to donate the entire collection to charities of their choice,
- they can ask that the donations be shared between the church and their chosen charities,
- or the whole collection can go towards church funds.

Clearly marked donations boxes would be available as mourners leave the service.

We offer ongoing support for those who request it, including a bereavement support group. We hold a memorial service once a year after Easter when we remember by name those who have died in the last 12 months.

With our prayers for you at this time.